About AMM

The Association of Midlands Mediators was formed in 2000 to foster the growth of civil and commercial mediation in the Midlands region of the UK and to maintain and monitor high standards of training and practice by its members.

Since its formation AMM has widened its remit to include workplace and employment mediation and built up a membership of mediators with a wide range of experience and expertise. Many of its members are legally qualified, but we welcome mediators from diverse professional backgrounds including lawyers, surveyors, bankers and engineers.

AMM’s commitment to training has resulted in regular know-how sharing events for its members. The programme also includes training conferences which are usually held in Spring and Autumn each year. AMM has been delighted to be able to attract the very best trainers in the field, such as David Richbell and Lawrence Kershen QC.

AMM has also developed a reputation as a very reliable and wholly independent provider of mediators. As a not-for-profit organisation, AMM receives a fee of just 15 per cent of the mediation fee (or, if greater, £200) which goes towards the cost of administering the referral service. Most of its members have agreed to carry out civil and commercial mediations referred through AMM at Ministry of Justice rates, which are considerably lower than many of its members ordinarily charge. AMM has fielded over 1,000 referral enquiries.


Whilst it is not necessary for a good mediator to be a specialist in the particular area of the dispute, sometimes parties feel that it would be an advantage. The AMM panel’s expertise covers most required specialisms including commercial/contract, construction/property, professional negligence, employment, workplace, personal injury, boundary disputes and others.

All of AMM’s mediators (both lawyer and non-lawyer) are accredited by Civil Mediation Council approved training bodies and are required to undertake continuing professional development.

AMM is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and is a provider of mediators for the Ministry of Justice online mediation directory service, which was set up to encourage and facilitate the use of mediation to resolve commercial and civil disputes.

Associate Membership is open to those who can demonstrate either that they are in the process of training by one of the recognised training bodies to obtain accreditation as a mediator or that they are committed to furthering the objects of AMM.

Quality control of its mediators is vital and AMM has set up auditing and feedback systems to ensure that members provide a consistently high standard of mediation.

Ethics and Rules

Every year on renewing their membership each member signs up to AMM’s code of conduct set out in the Members' Handbook. AMM’s mediators are also bound by the EC Code of Conduct for Mediators.

How to join

If you are a mediator accredited by a body approved by the Civil Mediation Council and live or work in the Midlands you are welcome to apply to join AMM. Details of how to join and an application form can also be found in the Members’ Handbook.

Complaints procedure

AMM constantly strives to monitor and improve the quality of service and expertise delivered by its members. We are always delighted to receive feedback from our users - good or bad. If for any reason you are unhappy with the service you receive from any AMM panel member in respect of a mediation organised by AMM, in the first instance you should contact the mediator concerned. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive you should then contact AMM. AMM’s complaints procedure is set out in the Members' Handbook. Alternatively, a stand alone version may be downloaded here.